We are a group of passionate individuals who strive to offer the best solutions for a range of products related to Cloud/VPS Infrastructure, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Web Hosting and Domain names.

This particular site is dedicated to Cloud/VPS Products. We offer both Shared vCPUs and Dedicated vCPUs via SR/E-SR Series and DSR/E-DSR series respectively.

We have an experience of 18+ years in the field of Information Technology, and we are ready to offer a range of solutions, namely

  • Basic Cloud/VPS Provisioning
  • DevOps with Cloud/VPS Setup
  • cPanel/WHM with Cloud/VPS Setup
  • Scalable and redundant solutions via diverse and hybrid architectures
  • Provisioning of Email and Backup MX/Email Servers

For further queries, please reach us at sales at packwebhosting.com . Or fill in the contact form to directly message us.